AMU awaits Allahabad court’s verdict to determine its status

The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) retaliated verbally stating that where government had made fair pledges regarding conferring minority status to it, an abrupt change in stance is nothing but politically induced action. The government’s affidavit was given a reply by the university on Tuesday where they alleged the political involvement. In the affidavit, it was stated that the battle for providing the university with a minority status was violating the constitution. It is not permitted in the constitution for the nation to fund institutions on the basis of religion. The central government went on to quoting the former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, who said that if minority status is granted, the government would be facing similar demands from other minorities that it can’t resist.

The affidavit also mentioned the instance of a Constitution Bench in 1967, where it was recognized that the AMU was set up by the Central act and is a “Central University”, not an institution for minorities. A four-week time was given to the university to respond to the affidavit of the Centre by the Supreme Court. A bench headed by Justice J S Sekhar had granted the time period after AMU’s counsel P P Rao had pleaded for it to file a counter affidavit.

The battle of majority and minority is incessant in this country. Where one issue is taken upon to be sorted, another emerges from nowhere. It is not that the issues are being doubted for their substance but uproar usually needs to be created only if the ground of it is to serve justice to all. Minorities face hurdles due to dearth of resources which is in plenty with the majority. So when minorities demand their exclusive rights, those rights should be conferred. However, to bestow blindly everything that is demanded is also wrong; therefore, a careful introspection is the need of the hour.

Currently, the scenario is such that the Centre has filed its affidavit after a statement was made before the bench by the Attorney General, Mukul Rohatgi. The affidavit comprises of permission which it seeks to withdraw its appeal against Allahabad High Court’s ruling. The ruling stated that Aligarh Muslim University was a non-minority institution. The Attorney General had decisively specified that the current government was of the opinion that the appeal filed by the former Congress government for preservation of the minority status for the AMU deserved to be withdrawn. It will be clear only when the Allahabad High Court comes up with its own decision.

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