AMU teacher’s association demands transparency in admissions

Aligarh Muslim University

The teachers’ association of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has demanded more lucidity in the admission procedure of the specific university. Msatafa Zaidi , the secretary of AMUTA, on behalf of every teacher, has written a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of the University stating their concern.

The letter stated and urged the Vice-Chancellor to get alert or become aware of the teachers’ demands that they are trying to achieve. Besides, Mustafa Zaidi has also insisted for CBI’s investigation on this year’s AMU medical entrance test and he also stated that the investigation must be carried out against the Controller of Examinations and Admissions of the distinguished university.

Zaidi has such stated that because according to the circumstances, it was decided to cancel the admission test first and then later the decision was changed and the whole admission procedure was conducted. According to him, investigation must be done to conserve the fair admission procedure. In the letter they also highlighted that the university council has put a pause in calling meetings with the university’s executive with the due-time of the out-station members to come to Aligarh.

The Aligarh Muslim University teachers’ association firmly believed that this kind of guidelines damage the basic role and function of the association as out-station members are devoid of their rights to take part in the decision-making procedure and to give their opinions.

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