Allahabad University loses 40% Law seats, down to 900 seats

law seats

The Bar Council of India has cut down 40 percent seats for the Law course offered by Allahabad University. The 40% cut in the number of seats will be for three years undergraduate degree program offered at Allahabad University along with two of its colleges.The number has gone down to 300 now, for all the institutions.

Talking about what used to happen last year, around 1,479 students used to take admission in Allahabad University, along with its two constituent colleges. The two colleges are Allahabad Degree College and CMP Degree College. This meant that around 493 students took admission in the three institutions. Not only this, 120 students also took admission in a five-year course which is managed by Allahabad University.

This year, BCI has given permission to these institutions but that is only for the 2016-17 academic session only. And the intake of the students has been limited to 300 only. That means, a total of 900 students will take admission in Allahabad University.

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