All India Railway Helpline Number 1512 Launched

All India Railway helpline number 1512 was launched in New Delhi on Friday by the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Haribhai Parthibhai Chaudhary. The helpline number should be remembered by passengers and the number can be dialed while traveling across any part of the Country. It is launched especially for the passengers so that they do not become the victim of any kind of crime including crime on the railway property in running trains. The helpline number is applicable for passengers irrespective of the train’s location. The helpline number 1512 is launched across 27 states and all the union territories of India.

all india railway helpline number
Commuters can dial 1512 seeking any help while traveling in Indian Railway

Mr. Parthibhai Chaudhary while attaining the launching function has made a demonstration call himself to assure public the genuineness of number. He has also officially praised the Delhi Police for setting up their maiden call centre at one of the nearest railway unit. Such initiative has been taken to reduce the crime related events associated with the railways and railway properties across the country.

Delhi Police Commissioner, Mr.Bhim Sen Bassi at the launching stated, “Several inter-state coordination meetings were held to formalize the all-India helpline numbers whereby control rooms were set up in the states. The helpline is also featured with geo-fencing feature so that a call by a railway passenger on it is received by the concerned control room in a state.” Hhe also said that the discussion has been pursued for years and many official consultations were held in proceeding of developing the helpline number.

According to the Railway DCP, Sanjay Bhatia, “The time between the occurrence of crime and commencement of investigation relayed to it is key when it comes to trains and transit points such as railway stations.”

Jurisdiction hazards were very common in the past days for the sufferers of crime related to railway properties. The pan-India helpline launched on Friday is the utmost solution to the former problems. Thus, thanks to it!

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