AISF raises voice against commercialization of education

AISF, All India Students Federation, a national Indian students’ union has warned students against the commercialization of education. Recently, an interactive session was held in which the students raised a point which said that a lot of low-income group students are not able to study because of the commercialization of education nowadays. The students were also blaming the government for the commercialization of the education sector. They believe that the government is not doing anything for the students by providing education at all levels and this is the reason that a lot of institutions has now come up in the private sector.


AISF was founded on 12th August 1936. The motto behind the federation is “Study and Struggle”. The federation was founded under the guidance of Nehru. In the past as well, AISF has been a part of India’s struggle for freedom as well. AISF has always believed in peace, progress, and scientific socialism and it is totally against capitalism. They have also demanded certain reforms in different sectors like that of education, jobs, and sports.

Amarjeet Kaur, former National General Secretary of AISF while addressing the students said that the students should oppose the distortion in the curriculum and also should oppose the content of the subject that they study. The reason behind saying this was that she believes that it all has long-term impact on the students. She also talked about the way students have always been a part of the AISF and how AISF was involved in the freedom movement. The discussion was further stretched to different topics like the security of girls, providing passes to the students in private buses. They also talked about providing different facilities to the students during their college and school. A memorandum will soon be prepared by the AISF and then that will be sent to the Commissioner.

AISF was also recently in the news because Kanhaiya Kumar of AISF was arrested on sedition charges after allegations of “anti-national” slogans against him.

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