Here’s exactly what happened with Air-ambulance crash landing

On Tuesday, at Kair village in Delhi’s Najafgarh area, an air ambulance with seven people on board crash landed leaving two people injured. The pilot of the aircraft averted a major disaster after the engines shut down while the aircraft approached the runway. The aircraft was on its way from Patna to Delhi when it developed a technical snag leading to the emergency landing. Within no time, the fire tenders and emergency services were provided at the spot and relief and rescue work was kick started. The plane was carrying a brain hemorrhagic patient Virendra Rai accompanied by a doctor and a technician besides the crew.

About the aircraft

The Beechcraft King Air C90 plane was being operated was manufactured in 1989. The twin turbine engine plane, which is operated by the Alchemist Pharma Company, has a seating capacity of 7, including 1 crew and 6 passengers. The aircraft that belongs to Trinamool lawmaker KD Singh’s Alchemist Group was remarkably intact after it landed on a field in Najafgarh. Pune air traffic control got information around 1:45 pm that both engines had failed and that the plane was losing altitude. The patient, Virendra Rai, was rushed from the site to the Medanta Medicity.

What exactly happened?

The aircraft was 6 nautical miles from Delhi when the pilot contacted the ATC reporting engine failure. The captain of the plane told the ATC that he will be trying emergency landing at the best possible place as both the engines have failed. The pilot of the aircraft requested for an emergency landing in the Delhi Air Traffic Control (ATC), after one of the engines stopped working.

The aircraft was being directed by the ATC to land at the runway 10 of the Delhi airport, but within minutes, the second engine too shut down, forcing the pilot to crash-land in the field.

The pilot displayed great presence of mind to steer the aircraft away from the residential areas to the empty stretch of agricultural land in Kair village.

air ambulance crash landing scene delhi
Aircraft pilot displayed great presence of mind to steer the aircraft away from the residential areas as the plane crash landed in agricultural fields

Experiences of the Eye witnesses

The views of the eyewitnesses are: The air ambulance came down around 2.35 p.m. after it took a U-turn from the populated areas of Kair village to choose the empty fields for the landing. No sooner the aircraft touched the ground, its wheels come off. Thereafter, it skid several hundred metres and came to a stop. Less than 100 metres ahead of the spot where the plane first touched the ground was a three-feet high cement road blocking the aircraft’s path.

Fortunately, after the first skid, the plane bounced off the ground just before the road, landed again several metres beyond it and then skid some more distance before coming to a final halt.

Earlier Air Ambulance crashes

In May 2011, an air ambulance had crashed in a colony in Faridabad’s Sector-22 killing all 10 people onboard. The aircraft was also on its way from Patna to Delhi.

In December 2015, an 11-seater plane carrying 10 BSF officers, including seven technicians, crashed near Dwarka in Delhi. All 10 people on board the aircraft were killed in the accident. The plane had developed a technical snag soon after taking off from Delhi airport and was returning to the runway when it hit a tree and crashed.

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