Ahmedabad University focusing to improve its Brand Value with new campus

Soon, Ahmedabad University will get a new campus. This decision has been taken by Ahmedabad Education Society in order to increase the brand value of the university.

The Society has decided that they will be shifting LD Arts college from its current location to the brand new campus of Ahmedabad University. Not only this, the society is also planning to merge a couple of colleges that are a part of the Ahmedabad University umbrella. Two colleges, namely HL Institute of Commerce and B K Majumdar Institute of Business Administration will be merged and will become a part of School of Management of Ahmedabad University under Amrut Mody School of Management.

The Society is planning to change the whole scenario within the next three years. The amount that the body has allocated for this is Rs. 1 crore. The work will soon start at the premise of LD Arts college, Institute of Engineering and Technology and Institute of Life Sciences. The whole process of setting a new campus will take place in three phases.

The Registrar of Ahmedabad University, B M Shah, said, “There are plans to develop buildings for various schools and other facilities in the 2 lakh square foot area. The campus will be developed in three phases and will include a centre for performing arts, a dedicated space to set up a student support centre and a counselling centre apart from student-related facilities.”

The plan will include the building of an iconic plaza, auditorium, a step well, tree planting and many such amenities. The auditorium will be designed in such a manner that it will accommodate almost 4,000 students on the day of the convocation. Ahmedabad University recently organised its sixth Convocation ceremony.

Mr. Shah also said, “The new building is being designed by well-known architect Rahul Mehrotra while the master plan is being created by the city-based HCP Design, Planning and Management. The main gate of the new university campus will likely be opposite the current HLIC campus.”

It is expected that the work will start in the month of February next year. And after that, the courses will start in the year 2018. The University is also planning to start courses in the field of arts and science from the year 2018.

Shah added, “AU also plans to introduce new arts and science courses and executive programmes apart from medicine courses. The School of Management will function from the building that accommodates HLIC and BKMIBA. There is a tentative plan of building a hostel block in the space that has the AU’s main office currently. The campus with other schools and the Venture studio will be part of the AU campus. All parts of the AU campus will be connected via underground passages or over bridges.”

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