ABVHV Asks MCI To Include Hindi As Writing Medium For MBBS Exams

ABVHV Asks MCI To Include Hindi As Writing Medium For MBBS Exams

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya located in Bhopal has urged the Medical Council of India to allow the students to write MBBS course exam papers in Hindi.

Vice-Chancellor Mohanlal Cheepa said, “We have asked the MCI to give an option to student pursuing MBBS degree course to write their exams in Hindi as long as it is not possible for it to have Hindi as another medium of instruction.” Further he added, “When candidates have an option to take Pre-Medical Test (PMT) in Hindi, they should also be given a similar facility in MBBS exams.”

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya was established during the year 2011. Since its establishment, ever now and then they have been demanding Hindi as a medium of language in MBBS course at medical institutes. In the past few days they have also discussed the matter with Medical Council of India. When they questioned MCI that why they are not permitting to conduct MBBS Course in Hindi even when the Rajya Sabha passed the notification way back in 1991. To this in the opinion of Cheepa, MCI cites reason as lack of medical books in Hindi.

To this Mohanlal Cheepa added, “MCI states that they don’t have relevant books in Hindi. Therefore, on the occasion of 10th World Hindi Sammelan (held here last week), we along with Hindi Granth Academy collected and displayed 250-300 books (in medical science) to prove that MBBS course can also be taught in Hindi.”

Medical Council of India was further requested that till the time it is not possible to teach in Hindi, students should be provided with an option to write the papers in Hindi. As per the reports and data of the World Health Organisation, he was of the view that the 54% of the candidates who pass out from some of the renowned institutions like All India Institute of Medical Sciences make their way to foreign countries in search of better future prospects and growth opportunities and never return back.

As per the report, bright students from Hindi medium, who are selected for institutes like AIIMS, maximum of them lag behind due to the language constraint. Not only this but few of them even take extreme step of committing suicide because they are not able to cope up with the pressure due to the change in medium of instruction. While answering one of the questions Cheepa said, “around 400 medical colleges in the country, 115 are located in the Hindi belt”. In the near future they are planning to conduct a meeting with vice chancellors on the issue.

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