Following other Education Boards, NIOS also makes Aadhaar mandatory for exams

As always, Aadhaar continues to reign over the country not so silently! This time, Aadhaar has been made mandatory for National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Examinations. The government of the country has always put the major emphasis on considering Aadhaar to be linked as a compulsion, beginning from School Board exams to the most prestigious entrance exams such as CAT, NET, JEE, NEET, UGC NET, and RTE admissions.

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Several Education Boards have made Aadhaar card mandatory for the students.

The NIOS holds board exams in two sessions i.e. March-April and September-October. In each session, approximately 2.5 lakh applicants sit for the exams in about 1,500 centres. NIOS provides various elementary level courses vocational, community oriented and life enrichment courses amongst other courses at both the levels – secondary and senior secondary.

After receiving the approval from the HRDM, a senior official said, “The National Institute of Open Learning (NIOS) has decided to make Aadhaar mandatory for candidates appearing for the next examination. During the exams held in March, the inspection teams had found proxy candidates who were appearing on other students’ behalf. To check this practice, Aadhaar has been made mandatory.”

Probably, this move has been implemented to prevent the wrongdoings in the examinations. This initiative has been taken into consideration to make sure no proxy applicants can appear on others’ behalf.

Chandra Bhushan Sharma, NIOS Chairman said, “The fingerprint verification feature is still being negotiated with the CSC. If they come to an agreement, each candidate’s fingerprints will be scanned before the examination and they will be allowed to sit only if it matches the Aadhaar record.”

Moreover, the NIOS has come to the conclusion that any school devoid of CCTV facility will not be considered as an examination centre. To this, the official stated, “This has been decided to ensure that videography of the entire examination process is possible and the footage can be checked in future if need be.”

In spite of the attendance sheets with photographs, the deception remains a huge issue for the authorities. The NIOS wishes to get the Common Service Centres – e-governance centres under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

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