UIDAI : More Than 40 Crore Citizens Have Downloaded Aadhaar Card

aadhaar card online downloads cross 40 crore mark
Out of more than 100 crore Aadhaar cards issued, more than 40 crore people have downloaded their aadhaar card online

As per the latest reports from UIDAI, Unique Identification Authority of India, around 40 crore people have download Aadhaar cards till now. The process of giving a unique identification number to all the citizens was initiated by government of India in 2010 and till now 100,94,27,016 Aadhaar cards have been issued. Apart from serving as a biometrics based identity system, Aadhaar cards have been in use for several services including, direct benefit transfer under NREGA, Pension, scholarships, health insurance sector, LPG subsidy, including others.

At first, people were required to wait for getting their Aadhaar card through post, but UIDAI started online procedure where registered people could download their aadhar card through official web portal. The process was hugely appreciated by every one as they could get their card without delay in the postal service. Now with the increasing use of internet, people are getting more aware about it. UIDAI has informed that around 40 crore people have downloaded Aadhar cards from its official web portal, which mentions the average number of downloads per day to 6 lakh.

The Unique Identification Number provides citizens a unique identity and also it is used as an address proof. The UIDAI, Unique Identification Authority of India has made it easier for them to download, and that is the reason the use of the electronic version of the Aadhar card is a lot in these days. Not only this, the numbers are also on a rise as the time is passing.

As more and more number of people are getting aware and are understanding the importance of Aadhar Card, the downloads are also increasing in the same way. As it can also be seen that people also tend to forget the details on the Aadhar Card, for that matter, they can easily download the Aadhar Card by just visiting the nearest authorized centre by just paying a nominal fee of Rs. 10.

The authority said that both the Aadhar cards will be valid, be it electronic or the one that a person receives in the form of a post. As both of them have the same information, both of them are considered valid. Also, it said that the RBI has given a nod to the downloaded version of the Aadhar card and has considered it valid.

The director general of UIDAI, Ajay Bhushan Pandey, said, “Anyone who has misplaced his/her Aadhaar or is yet to receive Aadhaar card through post, can easily download an Aadhaar after providing certain details online. In case, a person does not remember the details, the Aadhaar can be downloaded and printed from the nearest authorized Aadhaar Kendra for a nominal fee of Rs.10.”

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