A Partial and Unjust Rollback of Non Tuition Hiked Fees by IIT Bombay

A partial and unjust rollback of the recent non-tuition fee hike has been approved by the administration and the Board of Governors. “Students Against Fee Hike”, IIT-B who majorly led the protest demanding a rollback of the fee hike, received an email from the Registrar regarding the same. A total of INR 2050 of the non-tuition fees has been reduced in five components for the students already on the roll. However, there are no changes in the fee structure, charged at the time of the admission. All in all, you can say that has been a rollback anywhere between 43 percent to 28 percent depending on category and programme of study of the student.Rollback of Non Tuition Hiked Fees by IIT Bombay

In May this year, the management of IIT-B introduced a hike for the new academic session, after which the students went on relay hunger strike. A committee was constituted on the second day of the relay hunger strike hosted by ‘SAFH IIT-B’, which included the Director, the Dean(SA), Deputy Director(FEA), GSAA(PG), RSF representative and three representatives from ‘SAFH IIT-B’.

Prior the fee was hiked, an amount of INR 6000 was charged as ‘Contribution to Hostel Subsidy’ which was adjusted against the mess bills, effectively making it a part of Semester Mess Advance in addition to INR 15000. But in the recent fee hike, this component was scrapped off instead of which a similar component in the fee structure namely ‘Mess Establishment Charges’ was introduced. In this INR 1500 was charged from every student, without any kind of adjustments done to the hostel mess bill. In the new revision, these charges have been brought down to INR 1250. The revision also suggests that these charges be increased by 10% every year, rounded up in multiples of 50.

In past two years, the cost of running the hospital along with the cost of medicines has witnessed a significant rise. The cost of accident coverage and external medical aid has increased from 67 lacs in 2015-16 to 80 lacs in 2016-17. In lieu of the same, the Medical Fees and the Student Accident Insurance Fund were increased. The change in the insurance coverage for medical expenses (non-accident) has thereby been changed from 1,00,000 INR (old fee structure) to 2,00,000 INR (first fee hike) to 1,50,000 INR (current report).Rollback of Non Tuition Hiked Fees by IIT Bombay

The rest of the drop includes a major decrease of INR 800 in ‘Student Benevolent Fund’ and another decrease of INR 250 in ‘Gymkhana Fee’ and ‘Registration Fee’ after the recent revise. For the Autumn Semester 2017-18, the increased fees that were paid by the students will most likely be adjusted in the Spring Semester’s fee.

Students Against Fee Hike IIT-Bombay view this as a partial but important victory, as it will benefit the student community. In course of negotiation with the administration, a very important decision taken was to henceforth consult the student community in fee revision decisions.

Students associated with SAFH have a mission to make IIT Bombay a democratic, inclusive and student-centric campus.

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