A new dimension to Bihar Toppers’ Scam as Political Connections revealed

The confusion over Bihar toppers’ scam has now more revealed with new informations. It has been reported that the 42 registrations those were made from the Vishun Roy College, Vaishali were linked with other registration.

bihar toppers scam unfolds
VR College Principal Bachcha Rai after being arrested

With more investigation, Police came to know that of the two registrations, one registration was used by the examinee to appear in the exams while other was used by the scholar. And, all this maligned activity was done on the recommendations of college authority.

Surprise came when the result were compared of the two registrations. The actual candidate’s result was somewhat 37 out of 500 whereas the fake result was 370 out of 500. This difference clarified all the reason behind this scam.

On this Issue, Patna SSP Mannu Maharaj came forward and said, “The college had issued two registration numbers, two roll numbers, and two results for each of the 42 students. The discovery has given a new dimension.” “The college used to hire scholars and manage the examination centre. All the 42 students will be interrogated,” he added.

However, the affiliation of Vishun Rai college has been cancelled after the scam. Also, the college principal Bachcha Rai and the associated characters behind this scam got arrested.

The scam is not new for this college, it has been assumed that this scam was pervasive when RJD came in action. Being linked with RJD, the principal used his political link to carry this scam and manage to fabricate result. Also, according to sources it has been assumed that higher authorities are also involved in this case.

It is a shame for the political power in Bihar where people like Anand Kumar has done so many research in Mathematics and running Super 30 to teach underprivileged people to help them to crack IIT entrance exam.

This abuse of political power should be taken into consideration by the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. And, this indifference of education level should be eradicated from the state. After the last case of cheating, the state has improved in this area and no case of cheating has come into the news. Hope, the same would go with this scam next year.

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