A Meditation Sunday for Kota Students

The crowd broke into cheers as the Spiritual Guru & founder of the Art Of Living, Sri Sri Ravishankar mounted the stage. It was a sunny Sunday morning when over 1 lakh students gathered at the Commerce College Grounds to interact with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The event ‘Utsah-Life Is Enthusiasm’ is a part of Spreading smiles campaign under which many Arts of Living Volunteers are offering meditation and workshops to more than 80,000 students since last six months.

Spreading Smiles, an initiative to help students in facing the challenges and competition was supported by a large number of volunteers, engineers, and doctors following the Art of Living Foundation. In the opening ceremony, the Rajasthan Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje Scindia enlightened the students with the marvelous effects that Art of Living has created in their lives.

Addressing the students of 7 institutes which were attending the Mahasatsang, the CM said, “All these 7 seven institutes are in competition with each other, but today they are all coming together in this event. Kota is the most popular place in India for coaching. If we create awareness about how to manage the stress in children, then the whole environment of Kota will change.”

She also made a statement for the coaching institutes. “I request the coaching institutes to teach, but give students time so that they can relax in the evening. Let’s take a commitment to develop the all-round personality of children,” she added. In 2015, the state government had directed the coaching institutes to provide psychological counselling to the students to tackle the rising suicide cases.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar took the podium next and began interacting with the students praising their enthusiasm. He adored being youth and stated it as a time of madness and being naughty. “Life is a celebration. When stress develops, we get sad, depressed, and then people can take unlawful benefit of us. They can incite youth to throw stones and other unlawful activities. Then we become sad. We should move ahead in life with enthusiasm,” he added.

The mammoth gathering of students came up with many interesting questions which were strikingly answered by the spiritual guru. When asked about meditation and its relation with success Sri Sri said, “It is important to meditate. When you meditate your mind remains proper, the body remains healthy, and your intellect becomes sharp, our memory also improves.” He also referred to many Foreign Universities including meditation in their curriculum. He further said, “When you meditate for some time every day, the circulation in the brain improves and gray matter increases. A lot of research has been done. Stress gets eliminated at the same time, the intelligence quotient (IQ) increases.”

Students also shared a common problem faced by all, “Comparisons”. Answering the concern, the spiritual leader stated, “Don’t compete with other. First, compete with yourself. See how well you did last year and see what best you can do this year. Compete with yourself. That is healthy competition.”

He also spoke on spirituality and quoted it essential and an inseparable part of every human being. “Anything that makes you close to yourself is spirituality. Anything that uplifts you is spirituality. Anything that makes you feel one with everybody’s spirituality,” Sri Sri said.

The event was indeed a praiseworthy initiative of the society and has shown very effective results so far. Hope, it will help the students in balancing their age and the burden of cut throat completion to it.

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