A 5-D formula for a successful life

Good morning folks, pardon me from moving away from traditional writings we do here on ExamsWatch.com, but I couldn’t just keep this note in mind, had to share with you guys, you students, the future of the world!

I’m a convently educated girl who did her studies from Kindergarten till Senior Secondary in the school run by the Missionaries of Charity. In this, 14 years of school tenure other than studies since Day 1, Moral Science for us was a mandatory subject.

Even there came a phase in my school life, when the Moral Science period was taken by my Respected Principal. If I’m asked today what all I miss from my school days. There might be ‘n’ number of things, but the memories which I cherish most daily while writing is the Moral Science classes.

Those classes made me and my friends independent to choose between the “Right” and the “Wrong”. So, in these classes while teaching the other successful Mantras of life, our Principal told us the 5-D Formula. Know what is this? It is as follows:

NUMBER 1- D- stands for- Dedication
NUMBER 2- D- stands for- Devotion
NUMBER 3- D- stands for- Determination
NUMBER 4- D- stands for- Discipline
NUMBER 5- D- stands for- Duty

All in all, till date Me or my friends couldn’t follow all the 5 altogether, but here and there, sometimes, we have used 3 Ds together always to be successful in our lives. Education or the knowledge gained through books had never been my cup of tea to judge my abilities, my supreme policy as a person in life has always been to live life of Good Human Being.

The teachings of the Moral Science classes are till date imbibed in me and will remain so till my last breath. In school time, I never realized the value of the 5-D formula or other teachings, but as I grew up and grew with certain moral believes, they at some point of time do not allow me to do any wrong because my conscious does not allow me to go on wrong path.

In today’s’ world when we are growing in advanced technology, we are lagging behind morally. Teaching of moral science and practically obeying it in our day to day lives is the need of the hour to reduce stress, bring cooperation and feeling of brotherhood. Mind it, this 5-D Formula will always prove fruitful in the long run.

The aim should not be not to look good in a uniform but to feel good! .

We are the world.

We can make the brighter future

So make it today!



Thank you.

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