9th Class student commits suicide after being caught cheating during exam

The number of suicides has been increasing speedily in India. Recently, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan at his home which is in Kalyan’s Ambivli area. The incident took place last Thursday.

minor suicideThe deceased, Sarthak Pohkar was a class 9th student. He studied at Patil English School. He left a note which said that he was ashamed because the teacher had caught him while cheating during the test. The teacher also thrashed him after that on Wednesday.

Sarthak’s mother wants the teacher to be behind bars. The police of Khadakpada have started investigating the matter.

According to a report by National Crime Records Bureau, in India, 20 students kill themselves every day. The reason is due to stress related to exams, their want to secure a seat in their prestigious colleges. Suicide has been a very serious problem in India. Youth suicide has also been a very serious over the past few decades. According to Bangalore psychologists from Indian Southern Medical Centre, children are under immense pressure in school and they do take things personally. The feelings of shame are in them the day they are born.

According to NCRB, the growing suicides can be due to a number of reasons, like that of psychological, behavioral, and environmental factors. And to tackle this menace, it is very important for all the stakeholders to come together and support children at each and every stage of their life.

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