5th class exams to be held by DIET in Rajasthan, says Chief Minister

rajasthan class 5 exams to be held by dietRecently, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan said that from now on all fifth-grade examinations will be through DIET. State education minister Vasudev Devnani said that the education of students is very critical. At such a level, it becomes very important to handle the responsibility for the fifth grade. And teachers are responsible for that. At this stage, teachers become the career makers of students. It is also important to focus on making things easy and understandable for students as rote learning is not the right way to teach a student.

It is also essential to encourage the student to learn new things and DIET will help them to achieve this. At the primary school teachers training program, he said that this year is going to be a DIET year for the fifth-grade students. They have tried this earlier as well and the results were exceptionally good and encouraging. He further added that it is very important to bring a change in the education system and hopes that this new change will benefit the education system and the students. There is a constant need for innovation in terms of the teachers and also the education policy.

The most qualified and educated teachers are in private schools and they are trying to get the best teachers at each and every level. If all the requirements are met, then for sure there might be a change in the picture. Changes are essentially made for the development in the English language and also for the Computers for the students.

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