5 day scientific session for 12th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences commences at Goa today

Twelfth International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences (ISAES) was inaugurated by Union Minister of Science and Technology of MOES (a ministry specially organized for monitoring and administering earth sciences), Dr. Harsh Vardhan in Goa today. These sessions in Antarctica will last for five days as scheduled. Mr. Vardhan said today while inaugurating that Nature knows no border between countries. Global warming has become a threat on a global scale now. Hence scientific expeditions to the southernmost iced continent, Antarctica, which started about 35 years ago has become more relevant now.

12th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences
Dr. Harsh Vardhan inaugurated 12th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences

An important man of Science, President of Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), Prof. Jeronimo Lopez was present as the guest of honor at the event. There were few mandates of this international symposium including Evolution of the subcontinent, surface processes, landscapes and links with cryosphere, climate etc.

The symposium is a SCAR initiative made for showcasing geoscientific researches. It has also been strengthening international fraternity for providing clearance and helps to further studies of the southern subcontinent. First International Symposium took place in Cape Town 53 years ago. The one before 12th one took place in Edinburgh, and in the mean time there had been many a cities, the symposium covered and took place in. No other country other than Japan has come forward hand in hand with India to host 12th International Symposium.

Indian expeditions have always mothered Earth science and related activities. For many years, they have been an integrated part of Indian Scientific faculties. The scientific progress has been accelerated a lot in last decade and subcontinents have truly been a centre of attention for all nations as global warning turned as an imminent threat to all. In ISAES, nations wanting to take part in scientific expeditions for more revelation of Antarctic Continent join each other. They have been doing so and helping in further growth of science arena of the world throughout the last 11 symposiums.

Antarctica is known as a heritage of mankind, homes many exotic animals including penguins, whales, seals and albatrosses. It also draws imminent importance for totally being covered with ice. To put in simplest words, in this age of global warming, ice is the only shot world has at living. Recent scientific programs conducted there have approved of and designed a number of laboratories in Antarctica which was approved by this SCAR initiative.

ISAES symposium in India is a true effort of participation from nearly 40 countries all around the globe on pursuit of a single goal. By this symposium, Indian Antarctic programs are to be nurtured and developed more, hopefully.

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