36% of Chhattisgarh population still deprived of formal education

Education in Chhatisgarh

Providing education to the weaker section of the society has always been a major problem in India. No one of three children has enough financial support of the family even to pursue full time education in rural areas.

According to a recent survey by the government of India, almost 36 percent of Chhattisgarh population is deprived of education. Out of total population of the state around 90 lakh peoples do not have enough support to bare the essential requirements for education. As per the officials latest figures, approximately 92.98 lakh people out of 2.55 crore population of the state never even had a chance to complete their formal education due to poverty. The Census 2011 based on the number of people attending educational institutes in the state shows only 26.3 percent i.e 67.10 lakh of population has managed to somehow receive basic education in the state.

Although, education is considered free of cost in government schools and colleges still there are families who are not able to afford the minimal charges in studying in government sponsored institutes. The worst case, which can be easily witnessed in the government schools are the higher dropout rates of students from the schools due to economical reasons. Chhattisgarh being a state, where the majority of population lives on daily basis based on their income does not find affordable to sponsor their children’s education.

The neighbouring states like Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand or Bihar has higher rates of peoples where average peoples managed to receive a formal education, Chhattisgarh ranks lowest among all these states. 26.85 percent of population are receiving education in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand has average of 27.2 percent people receiving some kind of education while Bihar leads with 29.96 percent of population receiving education as compare to 26.3 percent of total population receiving education in state of Chhattisgarh.

The reports states that Chhattisgarh based government schools experience as many as 90 percent of children’s enrollment in the schools, however only 6.6 percent opt for higher education. The increase in dropout rate at school level has made the state government to think twice about increasing the standard of education in the state’s schools. Although, there are numerous schools, colleges and universities available in the state, the dropout rates at school levels is an important point to worry about for the state government.

However, with 990 females and 1000 males, the state has become the best state across the country to manage the equal sex ratio but the state still lags behind with the majority of women being excluded from education. As many as 61.36 percent of women in state are uneducated as compared to 38.5 percent of male. Although, Chattisgarh has managed to achieve the aim of ‘Beti Bachao’ but still there is a long way, which the state has to cover to achieve the aim of ‘Beti Padhao’ as Prime Minister’s ambitious ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao‘ scheme.

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