21,000 schools without recognition to be closed

While the country gearing up to welcome new education policy in February next year, it has come to the limelight that soon 21,351 unrecognized schools in the nation will be shut down. The clouds of darkness are hovering around these schools as these schools had failed to get recognition.

unrecognized schools in india to be closed
A total of 21,351 schools have been listed as unrecognized, ministry is looking to shut these schools

Under Right to Education act, no school can run or operate if they have not got any recognition from central government. No doubt that these schools can be unrecognized but on the other hand career of 26 lakh students is at stake which is much more than the number of schools. In lieu of this central government had sent reminders to the state governments. In the reminders it was said “as per the provisions of the RTE, these children must be given admissions in nearby schools which have recognition.”

Sources in Ministry of Human Resource and Development revealed that out of the total 21,351 unrecognized schools, Assam region excels in the list with 7,009 declared unrecognized schools. Second in the list is Jharkhand with 3185, Bihar ranks third with 3066 such schools. In Haryana region, there are 501 unrecognized schools, 198 in Uttarakhand while the number of such schools in Uttar Pradesh is 118.

Out of all the unrecognized schools to be shut down maximum schools are located in the remote regions and very few are affiliated from government. Right to Education  act came into effect in the year 2010. Under this act, such schools were offered 3-year time to get recognition after fulfilling the minimum requirements as laid down in the Section 19 of the Right to Education act.

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Government has also clarified that these schools were not recognized as they failed to meet minimum requirements as per the education act. It has been widely announced that schools must carry out 45 hours of study in a week and every class must have at least one teacher. It has also been mentioned that schools must carry out 200 days of study in primary classes and 220 days in upper primary classes.

Rules also states that there must be one teacher for every 30 students in case of primary classes and same condition should follow for every 35 students of upper primary classes. Schools must facilitate different washroom for girls and boys students in the campus.

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